Hail, Legion!

Arise 25th
Session 1

Three women awoke from death in a strange place: The Home of the Legion. There Seru, Rayna, and Shaen meet Mrs. Higgs, the caretaker of the home. She tells them that they are being recruited by non other than the gods themselves to keep the forces of evil at bay. She helps equip them from the Armory and then sets them off on their first mission, which is somewhat of a test.

They use the Hall of Doors to travel to Katheer, the great trade city of Qadira. There they take a riverboat upstream to Khoka, then travel across the desert to see they can find the source of the earthquakes and fire that have eliminated settlements and caravans recently. Reaching the ruined city of Shadun they trace marks in the ancient ash to a smouldering volcano. There they meet the Efretti Akram B’nir, who claims to be an innocent who has been defending himself from the attacks of one Zhil Zhaal, an ancient enemy of his. Ignoring his protest, the party attacks.

The battle is difficult at first as the genie is able to vanish and move quickly. Soon enough, though, the Legion gets close enough to attack him and he falls quickly.


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