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Let’s be honest, the good guys aren’t winning.

At best all they can do is hold back the tide of demons, dragons, litches, slaads, aboleths, devils, warlords, and power-mad wizards that keep trying to take over or end the world.

Every once in a while, the good guys decide they need to swing things in their favor. No longer will they put the fate of the universe on some plucky, near-suicidal and treasure-mad adventurers. No, they need to call out the big guns.

The Justice League.
The A-Team.
The Avengers.
Rogue Squadron.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Do you remember that campaign where you made that character that took that feat for flavor and dumped all of his stats for better roleplaying? That’s not this time.

Remember when you wanted to see if a really quirky weapon would be at all viable for your melee brute? Leave him out of this one.

This isn’t for 17 year old plucky farm boys. No, not Luke in Star Wars, but maybe Luke in Return of the Jedi. Remember him? The guy who on a few weeks of training in a swamp walked in UNARMED into a hutt’s palace, then single handedly slaughtered the hutt’s entire entourage on 3 different craft. Later, he walked into the Emperor’s throne room, AGAIN UNARMED, and beat the shit out of the Sith warrior who was responsible for killing every other known Jedi in the galaxy.

Yeah, that’s who you want to be. A badass motherfucker.

So here’s how we do it.

Any good alignment
Roll for abilities – 4d6, drop the low, pick the best of 3 sets. (secure dice)
20 point buy
Any Pathfinder race or class.
2 traits
Starting at 15th level

Background: Give me a paragraph on who you’ve been, what you’ve done. Why are you the son of the bitch that the world needs right now? End it by telling me how you died.

No starting equipment.

So is this a new campaign? No. It’s a one-shot that could become a many shot. My goal will be to have every adventure last exactly one night/session. Combat heavy, ruthless, no mercy. I can run it when we have fewer than enough people for another campaign. This is a fall-back plan for those weird Friday nights when some of us can’t make it. Hell, I could even play a Friday and let someone else run it.

So for this Friday, I’d even try it with two players. I’d suggest one or both of you take Leadership (yes, even that’s allowed in this campaign, although if we have a group of 3 or more players expect to leave your follower behind, so don’t plan on having him/her).

Main Page

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