The Home

Sitting a handful of miles south of the Verduran Forest in Taldane, this modest farm cottage is unremarkable aside from its isolation. Where most small farms cluster near villages or settlements for shared protection in the fallen empire, this one stands alone with no neighbor for miles around. It has a large, deep blue barn with white trim and a cluster of livestock buildings holding goat, small pigs, and chickens. The surrounding fields are home to wheat, barley, and rye, all tended by the ten laborers housed in a comfortable building fifty yards west of the farmhouse.

Once inside the farmhouse, however, the situation changes greatly. The Greeting Hall alone is larger than the farmhouse seems able to contain, with a slate floor, a wandering stream going through the room, and a winding staircase made of a living tree.

The first floor has a number of rooms that could be useful -

Theog’s Hall – This dining room has seating for 24 individuals at 2 tables (12 seats each). Chairs for creatures of all sizes are in the room and the end leafs of the tables are adjustable up and down to suit a variety of body types. Meals are served morning and night and while they are not fancy or opulent, the are certainly filling and always feature more food than can be eaten. The history of this room and why it has been named such is lost to time. The cook is a gray-haired dreugar named Yapps who endlessly sings in a rich bass voice while preparing mountains of food.

The Chapel A carved wooden door opens to a hexagonal foyer fifteen feet across. A floor of small tiles makes a mosaic of clouds on a light blue sky with rays from the sun pointing from the door to the rest of the House to the three small side rooms. To the right from the door the sun’s ray leads an archway opening on the shrine of Sarenrae, a golden shrine of light and opulence. Two golden scimitars flank a statue of the goddess on the shrine. Over sixty holy symbols of a wide range of designs, makes, and styles hang from the ceiling in a semi-circle.

The next ray of sun on the floor leads to the middle archway, which opens on the shrine of Iomedae. Less opulent and more focused on iconography, this shrine features steel crossed longswords behind a platiinum-plated full face helm on the altar. Another broad selection of holy symbols hangs from the ceiling.

The final ray of sun from the door leads to a chapel with a heavy red curtain covering the entrance. Inside in a dark, unused chapel to the Lost God Aroden.

The Armory In the main courtyard a set of double doors, heavily locked, leads down to a cellar of martial splendor. Racks upon racks of weapons are sorted by type, size, and quality, not that there is anything that wasn’t made by a master craftsman here. Behind the rack on the far left wall is a secret door leading to a heavy iron and brass vault door. Inside that door looks more like a museum than an armory. Each weapon or item has it’s own rack, many with labels showing names, histories, and properties. More than half of the display cases are empty, however. (see The Armory listing for remaining items)

The Hall of Doors A long hallway is lined with doors leading to an untold number of places. It is said that generations of families in cities around the world have been tasked around the world with guarding a protecting the exit doors. Only Mrs. Higgs seems to understand the Hall as many of the doors will open to different locations from one day to another. While most are one way, some of them allow 2-way travel.

The Home

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